DR DEE: Webster-Certified | Prenatal, Pediatric & Family Chiropractor

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    “The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease.”

    -BJ Palmer

    Hello There!


    I’m Dr. Dee. Welcome to Flourish Chiropractic!


    I am a loving mama & wife with a deep passion to support families achieve better health & quality of life.

    I believe that each person was created to thrive & thus deserves to reach their highest level of wellness to fulfill their purpose.


    So whether you’re looking for a more holistic pain management solution or you’re looking to improve your overall health, I would love to work with you to help you reach your wellness goals!

    At Flourish, we don’t hold you hostage because wellness, like any other thing in life is a choice!


    I was born & raised in The Gambia, West Africa where I lived till the age of 17 when I moved to the U.S.

    My chiropractic journey began with me stumbling upon chiropractic when I was offered a job to work as a chiropractic assistant after college. From that point on, it was love at first sight! Not having known anything about it initially, I was amazed at how it transformed the lives of the many patients that walked through the doors of the clinic that I worked at. It was a no-brainer that a year later, I would enroll at Northwestern Health Sciences University to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.


    Since graduating in 2012, I have had an incredible health & wellness journey both in chiropractic and beyond. One of these was the life-changing opportunity to guide my dad and see how switching to a whole-food, nutrient-dense diet reversed his Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis without any medication or insulin. These experiences taught me about innate wisdom, the power that gives our bodies life, allows us heal & thrive and above all, the importance of forming lifestyle habits that support it.


    I have since taken a holistic & vitalistic approach to my health, wellbeing and lifestyle which has in turn, fueled my passion to help create a community with healthier families that are thriving and being the best version of themselves.


    When I’m not serving my patients, I enjoy staying active with my toddler, traveling with my husband & discovering new healthy restaurants with my sister.

    I am so grateful that chiropractic chose me and that I get to touch the lives of the patients I encounter both physically & emotionally. I hope to help transform the wellbeing of the individuals and families i get to serve.

    I look forward to connecting or meeting you & helping you flourish in your health & wellness journey!

    Peace & Blessings,

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