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10 Easy & Healthy Back to School Breakfasts For Little Tummies

· Nutrition

Happy 1st Day of School to all the kids and parents out there!

So, I get this question from my patients all the time: how do I keep my family healthy using wholesome, nutritious foods.

If you’re looking for how / where to start, my AMAZING BACK-TO-SCHOOL GIFT for you guys is the perfect thing. After many requests, I made this awesome free guide which has 10 easy & healthy breakfasts to nourish your little ones & set them up for success this school year!

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Mamas, If you had to pick 1 meal to get right for your little ones and family this school year, I hope you pick breakfast! I know most of us put a little more thought & maybe even spend more time preparing a decent lunch for our kids. I know I’ve been tempted to do so, especially with little littles and the pressure of not wanting to be seen as a bad parent by their teacher, lol....tell me I’m not the only one feeling the pressure!

Breakfast is the most important meal especially for school age kids because that meal is what sets them up for how they’re gonna feel, function & perform the greater part of the school day! The food kids eat & the ingredients in them can either set them up for a nice, steady source of nourishment or the effects of poor nutrition:

  • blood sugar spikes & crashes from high carb / sugar foods like cereal, donuts, bagels etc which kids can experience as hunger, cravings, irritability, inability to focus or process information quickly, headaches.... just think how you feel when you’re “HANGRY!”

  • preservatives, dyes, chemicals & sugar spikes causing hyperactive or disruptive behavior, altered brain & nervous system activity just to name a few.

  • altered gut microbiome which means poor gut & immune function leading to more frequent illness.

  • malnutrition & poor overall health resulting causing obesity, type 2 diabetes etc

Children’s brains are rapidly growing & developing, so it’s important that the foods they eat are balanced, nutrient dense & have the right proportions of macronutrients. Remember that the brain 🧠 is composed of nearly 60% fat & so healthy fats are among the most important molecules responsible for optimal brain integrity & performance, so these are very important in the growing child.

That said, I know taking care of kids is no joke, that’s why I admire mothers (and dads ) for all we do to take care of these little ones in a world that frankly doesn’t make it easy to do. So I know the last thing anyone wants is added stress or time in the kitchen, that’s why I created this guide with breakfast options that are quick and easy, yet highly nutrient dense! In fact, a lot of them can be made ahead of time for those that like to meal prep for the week. All meal ideas come gluten-free & dairy-free since that’s how my family eats. Hope this resource makes it easier to feed your family nutritious breakfasts this year to continue to get them on a road towards a higher level of health, wellness & consciousness!

By the way, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy these nutritious breakfasts, they’re great for adults too!

And P.S, if you haven’t heard it recently or you haven’t told yourself lately, you’re doing a great job mama!

Feel free to share this resource with friends & loved ones that would benefit from it. And comment below if you have any healthy nutrition tips or recipes that help keep your family healthy!

Wishing you & your family a happy & healthy school year ahead!


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